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I remember clearly very few things in my life.
I don't why that is, but I have a fuzzy memory.
I get asked all the time whether or not I remember an event.
Do you remember when?
I often don't.

I remember the birth of my daughter very well.
It sticks.
It is precious.

Walleye in Cazenovia Lake?

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Last week I went fishing with Alex (my 4 year old boy). We headed up to the road to the Cazenovia Lake, like we do just about any time we want to fish. I had been up there the night before with Grace cutting worms in half and throwing bobbers in the shallow water just to get her a few sunnies. The lake seems full of panfish and largemouth bass so throwing the canoe in at the state land on the north side of the lake on East Lake road always amounts to a few hours of fun for both of us.

Thoughts on budget crunches in higher ed and open source

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Today I received an mass email from the chancellor at Syracuse University with a message about the university's approach to addressing the financial crisis. At the heart of the message was that the university will be cutting central administrative costs by $8 million this year and $11 million next year. If I interpret that correctly, IT budgets are going to come under close scrutiny at Syracuse, with a lot of pressure to cut out the fat where possible. I am sure many other colleges are already looking ways to jettison dead weight to make their IT departments float.

Assessment Institute at Indianapolis

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I attended the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis this week, thanks to Serensoft who sponsored my trip. As a staff member at Syracuse University who supported our ePortfolio project, I was curious to see how ePortfolio projects were handled at other institutions and how they used technology to support program and student assessment.

During the pre-conference workshop on ePorfolios, Bret Enyon asked the attendees to list one word that described ePortfolios for them. Here is the list:

Open Source Portfolio Screencasts - Exploring the Tools

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I just created a few screencasts about the Open Source Portfolio. Hopefully this documentation (funded by Weber State University) will help others understand how to use the OSP tools in Sakai.

I start by introducing how to setup a worksite in Sakai, how to import data structures from the community library and how to recreate a teaching "Best Practice" from another university as a way to jump start the portfolio discussion in just three screencasts.

The barrier to entry into OSP

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I've been working with a small team at Weber State to give them a quick "leg up" on some of the "ins and outs" of the OSP tools so that they can move forward with an initial implementation of their own matrix and portfolio template. I asked Vicki Napper if I could quote her, because I think she really nails a problem that the OSP community has.

She said (in reference to the built-in ambiguity of the tool suite):