Planning a Series of Brevets

I've been a member of RUSA for the past two years but had yet to ride an actual brevet until this past weekend. The miles I've done "as if" I was riding these events during the past two years gives me confidence that I can complete the series, so I'm writing a little commitment note here with my plans to complete a 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k this season, which should qualify me for what RUSA refers to as a Super Randonneur medal . This all is a reorganization for my own use of Pete Dusel's schedule on his web site .

Date Distance Route Name Description RWGPS Map Cues
March 27 200k Women's Rights Loop Ontario, Irondequoit Bay, near Victor, Seneca Falls, Wolcott, and back. 200LR_3 on RWGPS 200LR_3 cue sheet
May 15 300k John's Waterfall Ontario to Trumansburg, Montour Falls, Penn Yan, Canandaigua, and back. 300LR_2 on RWGPS 300LR_2 cue sheet
Jun 4 400k What Goes Around, Comes Around - Redux Ontario, Auburn, Homer, Jamesville, Truxton, Homer, Skaneateles, and back. 400LR_1A on RWGPS 400LR_1A cue sheet
Jun 4 400k Niagara Falls Ontario, south of Rochester to Lockport, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, back along Lake Ontario shore. 400LR_2 on RWGPS 400LR2 cue sheet
Jun 19 600k Stuart's 600k Ontario to Chaumont, Westmoreland, Hamilton, Sylvan Beach, Parish, and back. 600LR_2 on RWGPS 600LR_2 cue sheet

It's going shove my schedule around to accommodate not only these dates, but the requisite training to get ready.

More to come.

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