Walleye in Cazenovia Lake?

Posted on Fri 16 July 2010 in Blog • Tagged with Fishing

27 inches, 5.8 pound walleye from Caz lake. His sad face here was nothing like what it was when we pulled this fish into the canoe.

Last week I went fishing with Alex (my 4 year old boy). We headed up to the road to the Cazenovia Lake, like we do just about any time we want to fish. I had been up there the night before with Grace cutting worms in half and throwing bobbers ...

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Fishing friday night

Posted on Sat 16 August 2008 in Blog • Tagged with Fishing

I've been reluctant to put much "personal" stuff on my personal page, but I'm having a change of heart. When I was growing up, it seems that all we did on summer weekends was to go fishing on Oneida Lake. My parents had a 16 foot, fiberglass MFG ...

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