Switching to Bike

Posted on Wed 29 May 2019 in Blog

Bicycling has always been a favorite activity of mine, even though I haven't been consistent in my pursuit of it. About 30 years ago I bought a couple of nice-for-their-day bicycles which served as my escape pods from the daily grind of training, working in a shipyard, and time ...

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Job Dream

Posted on Thu 05 October 2017 in Blog

I woke this morning with an explanation for my wife, Gay.

She had noticed that the berries on the trees were all suddenly black where they had been red just a few days ago. I had been puzzling for days in my dream last night over the sudden change in ...

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Appreciating life getting better

Posted on Fri 03 March 2017 in Blog

Sister Shannon and I after the Seneca7 relay in Apr 2013

Happy birthday to me. I'm 48 today. My sister posted a picture of us on Facebook from 2013. We had just finished a relay run around Seneca Lake as a team of seven runners. We had managed to get picked up as alternates on an already formed team of ...

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Human Origins and Protests

Posted on Thu 08 December 2016 in Blog

text The Tompkins County Public Library hosted a series of events by the Smithsonian Institute this week about the origins of the human species. Three years ago I enjoyed taking my kids to Washington D.C. and we visited the Hall of Human Origins, the permanent exhibit in the National Museum ...

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Blog reset

Posted on Tue 29 November 2016 in Blog

A fav picture of Gay.

They say a good blog post has a good image to go along with it.
The picture I chose to go along with this post is a favorite picture of my wife, Gay, taken at our simple wedding ceremony in Ithaca, NY on April 23 of this year.

In this ...

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Week after Election / Veteran's Day

Posted on Thu 10 November 2016 in Blog • Tagged with Service

Me on USS Kentucky in 1993 off the coast of Barbados with Chris.

For 6 years of my young adult life I was in the Navy. I spent about a year and a half in training, roughly 2 years in a shipyard, and the remaining 2 in the back end of a ballistic missile submarine. I met some amazing people there and have ...

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I am the BA. I Speak for the Systems.

Posted on Fri 01 August 2014 in Blog

I have been a business analyst and project manager by name for about 13 years. Typically that means that I attempt to understand what the company is trying to do and then figure out how to do it quickly, cheaply and well. I've heard my colleagues lament from time ...

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Walleye in Cazenovia Lake?

Posted on Fri 16 July 2010 in Blog • Tagged with Fishing

27 inches, 5.8 pound walleye from Caz lake. His sad face here was nothing like what it was when we pulled this fish into the canoe.

Last week I went fishing with Alex (my 4 year old boy). We headed up to the road to the Cazenovia Lake, like we do just about any time we want to fish. I had been up there the night before with Grace cutting worms in half and throwing bobbers ...

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Fishing friday night

Posted on Sat 16 August 2008 in Blog • Tagged with Fishing

I've been reluctant to put much "personal" stuff on my personal page, but I'm having a change of heart. When I was growing up, it seems that all we did on summer weekends was to go fishing on Oneida Lake. My parents had a 16 foot, fiberglass MFG ...

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Chicken Diablo Recipe from Paul's Pasta - Groton, CT

Posted on Sun 03 February 2008 in Food

We might be having some guests over for dinner today and I was thinking about things Kristy and I could make. I searched for "Paul's Pasta" in Groton, CT (I spent some time there when I was stationed at Electric Boat testing the USS Kentucky) because they made one ...

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