Planning a Series of Brevets

I've been a member of RUSA for the past two years but had yet to ride an actual brevet until this past weekend. The miles I've done "as if" I was riding these events during the past two years gives me confidence that I can complete the series, so I'm writing a little commitment note here with my plans to complete a 200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k this season, which should qualify me for what RUSA refers to as a Super Randonneur medal. This all is a reorganization for my own use of Pete Dusel's schedule on his web site.

Date Distance Route Name Description RWGPS Map Cues
March 27 200k Women's Rights Loop Ontario, Irondequoit Bay, near Victor, Seneca Falls, Wolcott, and back. 200LR_3 on RWGPS 200LR_3 cue sheet
May 15 300k John's Waterfall Ontario to Trumansburg, Montour Falls, Penn Yan, Canandaigua, and back. 300LR_2 on RWGPS 300LR_2 cue sheet
Jun 4 400k What Goes Around, Comes Around - Redux Ontario, Auburn, Homer, Jamesville, Truxton, Homer, Skaneateles, and back. 400LR_1A on RWGPS 400LR_1A cue sheet
Jun 4 400k Niagara Falls Ontario, south of Rochester to Lockport, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, back along Lake Ontario shore. 400LR_2 on RWGPS 400LR2 cue sheet
Jun 19 600k Stuart's 600k Ontario to Chaumont, Westmoreland, Hamilton, Sylvan Beach, Parish, and back. 600LR_2 on RWGPS 600LR_2 cue sheet

It's going shove my schedule around to accommodate not only these dates, but the requisite training to get ready.

More to come.

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